Home Inspections

Should you have a home inspection prior to finalizing the purchase of your home? Let me ask you, “How often do you spend this much money on one item?” This will more than likely be the largest and most important purchase you will ever make. It is important to know what you are spending your money on.

Have you heard the terms “contingent upon inspection…”? So what is a home inspection? A home inspection describes the physical condition of a home. A home inspector will write a home inspection report highlighting major safety concerns, health risks, and major repairs. Typically, inspectors will inspect:

    • Overall interior and exterior of the home
    • Foundations, basements, crawl spaces, garages and attics including insulation and ventilation
    • Heating and cooling systems
    • Plumbing and electrical systems
    • Major appliances
    • Fireplaces, chimneys, decks, and porches

Currently, in the state of Ohio, home inspectors do not have to be certified. Since you will be paying for the inspection, it is extremely important to do your homework before selecting a home inspector. Remember the 4 Rs:

    1. References
    2. Referrals
    3. Reviews
    4. Research

I would highly recommend asking about years of experience, certification, what they look for when inspecting, and how long it will take them to write up a report. Also, check out their website for additional information about their company and services. Most inspectors/companies also offer “add-on” inspections such as radon, mold, lead based paint, pests, pools, etc., for an additional fee. Pricing for inspections vary by company, size of home and additional add-on inspections.

For additional information on home inspectors and the process, visit the American Society of Home Inspectors at: http://www.homeinspector.org