First Time Homebuyers

Don’t let home buying scare you! It is a great opportunity to invest in yourself. Instead of paying rent to someone else, pay into your house and pull the investment back out when you are ready to upgrade, move or expand. When you pay rent, the only part returned (if you meet all criteria of check out procedures) is your initial deposit. The rest of your money goes into the owner’s pocket.

When you buy a home, you pay into your house which becomes “equity”. I look at it as a “long term savings/investment”. When you are ready to upgrade, move or expand, you have the opportunity to take out the equity through selling your home, refinancing, or a home equity line of credit.

Getting started…

  • Know your credit score! Each lender has a “minimum” score in order to lend. Check yours out for free at:
  • Typically, a pre-approval letter will be needed prior to a real estate agent showing you any homes. Contact a mortgage banker or lender to get a pre-approval letter. These banks have their own funds to lend and typically can close faster than larger banking companies. They will help you understand how your debt to income impacts your loan amount and interest rates. Some will even help you to improve your credit score.
  • Find a real estate agent that you trust to start your journey of finding your dream home! This will be one of the largest and most important purchases you will ever make. Did you know that not real estate agents are REALTORS®? REALTORS®are held to a higher standard and may list your house on the Multiple Listing Site (MLS) which feeds